Continuous_caster_crop300US Hose Corp high-temperature hose solutions offer a wide variety of choice in flexible metallic engineered products. As the only manufacturer that offers T321 stainless steel braid, which provides maximum temperature rating of 1500 degrees Fahrenheit when used in conjunction with T321 or T316 stainless steel hose. Use of our T321 ultra high pressure flexible hydraulic product hoses, 402X and RF67-XFC, are a popular item for use at steel mills, for example. The use of T304 stainless steel braid provides a maximum safe temperature limit of 850 degrees Fahrenheit.

For even higher temperature hose, US Hose’s unique engineered solutions package provide the use of exotic alloys such as the use of Hastelloy™, S, W or X series of heat resistant alloys and Inconel™, nickel-chromium 625, which provides service temperatures from cryogenic to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit (982 degrees Centigrade).

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US Hose Corporation Hose Division manufactures and offers flexible engineered solutions to a safety first, value-oriented and environmentally sensitive atmosphere in today’s industry. US Hose Corporation is committed to advancing our reputation for innovation, quality and value in the products and markets we serve. Working closely with customers and suppliers helps we build quality products that meet or exceed compatibility and functional requirements, safety and environmental standards and deliver dependable, repeatable performance and value. US Hose continues to be recognized throughout the industry as the leading provider of solutions to customer’s specialized fluid handling

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