A leader in the high pressure hose industry, US Hose Corporation manufactures a variety of high pressure hose assemblies to satisfy the industry’s most demanding applications. Our Pressure Pack series of High pressure hose (PDF) offer reliability, durability and safety. They offer reliability, durability and safety. US Hose also supplies hose for Proving Flow Meters.

Types of High Pressure Hose Manufactured by US Hose Corp

Braided High Pressure Hose

Metal High Pressure Hose

Tift High Pressure Composite Hose

Jackson Industries High Pressure FLUOROPOLYMER Hose

Flexible & High Pressure Hoses for all types of Applications

Size Metal Hose MWP psi Fluoropolymer MWP psi
1/4″ RF67-XFC 12000 Series 58 6000
3/8″ RF67-XFC 9000 Series 58 6000
1/2″ RF67-XFC 8500 Series 58 6000
5/8″ N/A N/A Series 58 4000
3/4″ RF67-XFC 6800 Series 58 4000
1″ RF67-XFC 6250 Series 58 4000
1-1/4″ RF67-XFC 5500 Dense-Pac 5000
1-1/2″ RF67-XFC 5200 Dense-Pac 5000
2″ RF67-XFC 4350 WCO 500
2-1/2″ 402H 1030 N/A N/A
3″ 403XM 1200 MTLC 150
3-1/2″ 402H 900 N/A N/A
4″ 404XM 1200 MTLC 150
5″ 402H 385 MTLC 150
6″ 402H 430 MTLC 150
8″ 402H 350 MTLC 125
10″ 402H 375 MTLC 100
12″ 402H 320 MTLC 90


Other designs and alloys are available which may allow for even higher working pressures. Please contact us with further information on your application.

US Hose Corporation is the only North American hose manufacturer to offer three product ranges under one roof. The core product offering is metal hose and braid with the widest selection of products ranging from braided hose for value oriented customers to super flexible hose to ultra high pressure hose and high temperature hose that satisfy industry’s most demanding applications.

With unsurpassed testing, design experience and know-how, we are able to make recommendations on the most rigorous of applications. Taking the known parameters of pressure, temperature, media and motion, our team will assist in making the right choice for you from design into development and final delivery. Discover the engineering capabilities of our complete line of high pressure hose.

US Hose Metal Hose Type: AnnularAbout Us

US Hose Corporation Hose Division manufactures and offers flexible engineered solutions to a safety first, value oriented and environmentally sensitive atmosphere in today’s industry. US Hose Corporation is committed to advancing our reputation for innovation, quality and value in the products and markets we serve. Working closely with customers and suppliers helps we build quality products that meet or exceed compatibility and functional requirements, safety and environmental standards and deliver dependable, repeatable performance and value. US Hose continues to be recognized throughout the industry as the leading provider of solutions to customer’s specialized fluid handling

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